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Cal Spas array of swim spa options make it easy to find the one that's right for you and your family. Choose from Cal Spas array of eight varying swim spa concepts to cater to any and all fitness levels. From beginner, to health enthusiasts, to professional athletes, our lineup of Swim-Pro Swim & Fitness spas offer you the joy, relaxation, and convenience of a complete aquatic gym in your very own backyard. After a full body workout, you can relax or cool off thanks to Cal Spa's specialty seating design.


Swim-Pro F-1325

11-Person Swim Spa with 25 Jets

Dimensions: 93" X 151" X 51"

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Commander F-1681

12-Person Swim Spa with 81 Jets

Dimensions: 93" x 200" x 51"

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Swim-Pro™ Swim & Fitness Spas

1- Fibersteel™ Construction

A seven layer system with a metal insert adds structural integrity which is reinforced with both steel and wood. Cal Spas offers the thickest fiberglass backing available in the industry. Each beam helps protect your investment from damage and lowers heating costs. The Durable Integrated Frame ensures lower heating bills by surrounding the hot tub in an extra layer of protection.

2- Designed for Comfort

Each swim spa seat features PurePlush™ Comfort Pillows for the most relaxing hydrotherapy experience. (Shown below with optional LED lighting.)

3- Floor Mounted Swim Lane Marker

(on most models) This visual aid placed at the swim spa floor helps keep swimmers aligned in the center of the swim spa's water current for maximum swim resistance. Swimmers who remain in the center of the swim spa enjoy the most optimal exercise experience and achieve their fitness results faster.

4- The Complete Aquatic Workout

The fitness handle bar and fitness anchors are standard in all swim spas with the Optional Cal Spas Exercise Equipment: the Cal Spas exercise equipment set with a storage bag.

5- Cal Spas Tether Bar Kit

Cal Spas Swim Spas include a tether anchor for the optional Cal Spas Tether Bar Kit which helps center swimmers during their swimming routine.

6- Hydro-Pro Swim-Mill + Resistance I™

(F1421 & F1222)

7- Hydro-Pro Swim-Mill + Resistance II™

(F1437, F1325)

8- Hydro-Pro Swim-Mill + Resistance III™

(F1537, F1641, F1681, F1896DZ) The adjustable Hydro-Pro Swim-Mill + Resistance Propulsion System offers swimmers various levels of water resistance. When the jet nozzle is directed downward, the swimmer will experience a decreased level of resistance. If the jet nozzle is directed upward, the swimmer's resistance will dramatically increase. This allows swimmers of various skill levels to enjoy a fitness routine suited to their capabilities and goals.

9- Cross Current Swim Jets

(F1896DZ The fitness spa uses water pressure to help keep swimmers in place as they swim against the underwater current generated by the main swim jets.)

10- Hydro-Armor™ Spa Cover with 5"-3" Tapered Design

A tapered edge and angle downward from the center prevents precipitation from pooling. Each is 100% marine-grade with a vinyl top that is filled with and supported by 18-gauge steel C-Channel beams.

11- Exclusive Stainless Steel Candy Cane™ Jets

Featuring an adjustable On/Off design, these jets are carefully placed along the lines of the body, allowing you to massage away stress while comfortably leaning back in the luxuriously designed seating. With the Steel Candy Cane Jets, you'll be enjoying the highest quality hydrotherapy and relaxation experience available.

12- Exclusive Hi-Light™ LED Jets

This optional light feature enhances jets with bright LED lighting which can be programmed to alternate among seven colors on two color modes or shine a single hue with on/off functionality.

13- Individual On/Off Flow Control

Our convenient control valves allow you to direct the flow of spa water to different areas of the spa. Optional LED lighting available.

14- Hydro Streamers™

These eight breathtaking LED Hydro Streamers™ instantly turn any backyard into a beautiful tropical paradise on selected models.

15- Exclusive Bio-Clean™

Antimicrobial Filter with Weir Gate Our Eco-friendly Bio-Clean™ Antimicrobial Filter utilizes a special antibacterial agent that is molded into the fabric. This unique protective agent prevents harmful microbes and bacteria from reproducing and reentering your water system ultimately minimizing the need for chemical sanitizers during regular cleaning and maintenance.

16- Triple Lock™ Plumbing

All water manifolds feature Barbed, Glued and Clamped connections for the most secure glue joints possible.

17- VGB Approved Vacuum Break Intake System

Designed for increased performance and enhanced safety, our larger capacity VGB vacuum break intake system eliminates the need for multiple intakes. The safety break feature automatically reduces pump suction in the event of an obstruction or intake blockage.

18- Exclusive Whisper Power Unit™ Control System

State-of-the-art controls make Cal Spas Swim Spas very easy to use. Advanced technology automatically keeps spa water at your desired temperature.

19- WhisperHot™ 5.5 kW Titanium Heater

Titanium's inert properties resist corrosion and calcium build up making it the most advanced and reliable heater in the industry.

20- High Performance 6.0 BHP Swim Jet Pump

This is one of the most reliable motors in the industry because it features fewer moving parts. These motors feature two independent winding speeds for maximum efficiency and durability, and a reverse-flow cooling system that keeps the motor cool and extends its lifetime.

21- 5" LED Spa Light

Add a touch of romance to your Swim Spa. The LED light can be programmed to alternate among seven colors on two color modes or steadily shine your favorite hue.

22- PureSilk™ (CD) Ozonator

Ozone (O3), an extremely effective oxidizer, is injected into the spa water to oxidize organic waste. This oxidation process frees up the sanitizer to be more effective in destroying harmful microorganisms and killing bacteria - reducing the amount of chemicals needed. (Only available on select models)

23- Synergy™ Clear Water System

The safest way to disinfect your hot tub water naturally combines water treatment technologies to reduce the use of chlorine, bromine and other sanitizers to provide you with peace of mind to enjoy your spa worry-free. (Only available on select models)

Synergy™ Clear Water System Components Pure Silk™ (CD) Ozonator

Injects ozone into the spa water where it can kill/neutralize bacteria and other water borne pathogens making your spa water cleaner & safer to enjoy.

Pure Cure™ UV Purification System

UV does not add chemicals to the water and won't interfere with the oxidation process of injecting ozone. UV also has zero impact on the water balance levels. Our Pure Cure™ UV System exposes microorganisms to UV light, killing them instantly, and preventing them from reproducing.

24- Freedom Sound

Bluetooth audio, high-output, high-range system with 2", 4" or 6" speakers, 72 watt weatherproof speakers. Bluetooth capability. High Power Subwoofer for ultimate sound system. Waterproof Marine-Grade Speakers.

The Incredible Swim Spa Exercise Features

Swimming Exercises:

Swim Spas are designed to give users an excellent strength and aerobic swimming exercise routine. You'll be able to swim with speed and grace thanks to the powerful and focused swim jets featured on every Swim Spa. With these jets producing a water current that matches your swimming skill level, you'll always have a great workout every time you go for a swim. Fully adjustable speed and temperature controls allow you to customize each swim session.

Targeted Muscle Groups:
Back, Arms, Legs, Chest, Shoulders

Rowing Exercises:

Swim Spa rowing exercises are a fun way to develop strength for your back via a pulling motion. Building a strong back protects your body from injury and reduces the strain caused by sitting during the day. Rowing strengthens all of the body's major muscle groups and can even become a great cardiovascular exercise at higher intensity speeds. Unlike many exercises that only focus on individual muscles, rowing focuses on major muscle groups in the chest, back, and arms.

Targeted Muscle Groups:
Back, Chest, Arms

Bicep Building Exercises:

Swim Spa exercise cables allow you to focus on your biceps. Strong arms are vital for getting a great body that is not only toned but also functional. Swim Spas enable you to have incredible workouts that feature powerful arm-building exercises for the ultimate in strength training.

Targeted Muscle Groups:

Spa Jogging & Running:

Thanks to precision engineering and advanced aquatic design, users are able to jog and run in their Swim Spa! Due to the support provided by water buoyancy, users will now be able to enjoy a great cardiovascular exercise without any undue stress on their joints and bones. With a variable speed water current, Swim Spas allow users to develop stronger and more flexible legs.

Targeted Muscle Groups:

Recovery Seat:
The most

important time after exercising is during the recovery period. To help facilitate your body recovering faster, Cal Spas is proud to offer a Recovery Seat in each Swim Spa. Each Recovery Seat is equipped with precisely positioned water jets that massage the body's sore muscles. This aids in reducing the time it takes to recover while also helping to alleviate post-exercise soreness.

Targeted Muscle Groups:
Full Body


Swim Spas aren't just designed for fitness. Their spacious size and additional seating makes them an excellent spa for partying with friends and spending time with loved ones. Your friends and family will love how amazing it is to sit back and unwind! Additional features like fountains and LED lights make for an incredibly entertaining experience at night!

Targeted Muscle Groups:
Full Body


Everything You Need to Know About Keeping Your Spa Water Fresh

Do you want to protect your investment into your brand new spa? A couple simple steps on a set schedule can keep your investment lasting long, looking good, and keep you feeling relaxed with every use. The Basics (Routine Maintenance) There are a couple simple things to keep an eye on in order to keep your spa optimal for regular use. First off, the most important thing is to use your basic senses. Does your water look clear? Does it smell funny? Does the water feel clean? If you notice anything out of the ordinary about your water, you may need to stay on top of your routine maintenance for your spa. If you notice any leaves or large debris in your water, use a skimmer to scoop up anything you can see. If you notice any smells or scale floating in the water, continue in the article to find out how to remedy these issues. A good thing to regularly check is water chemistry. This is one of the most important things to keep track of when maintaining your spa. A couple test strips or pH test kit are a must have to make sure that your spa water is healthy. The ideal pH balance of your spa should be hovering around the 7.2-7.8 range. Any lower and your water is too acidic. Any higher and your water is too alkaline/basic. It is important to regularly check pH because any imbalance can hinder the sanitizing agents and promote bacterial growth or cause cloudy or scale buildup in the water. The chemicals needed are pretty straightforward. If your water is too acidic, add an alkalinity increasing agent to lower the pH, and if your water is too alkaline/basic add proper acid agents to raise the pH. Quickspaparts.com offers all the chemical test equipment you need! Chlorine Test Strips Bromine Test Strips Filter Cleaning (Once every two weeks) Once your pH balances are in check, but you are still noticing issues with your water flow and filter efficiency, it may be time to take a look at your filter. A good rule of thumb is to remove and clean your filter bi-weekly to ensure minimal blockages and maximize the life of your filter. A simple cleaning can be done with a soft brush and hose to dig out any large particles and clear the filter for better flow. Filter Deep Clean (~3 Months) A deep filter clean is great to pair with a routine water replacement for your spa. Quarterly, you should drain and refill the water in your hot tub. While you do this it is a good idea to do a thorough cleaning of your filter. Instead of just rinsing the filter out with water, we recommend soaking the filter overnight in cleaning agents to maximize filter health. Always be sure to do a final water rinse and dry of the filter before re-installation. Replacement (Annually) With regular spa use, it is recommended to do a full filter replacement annually. After regular cleaning, the filter media beings to break down over time. Annually a full replacement is recommended to ensure a long life for all other parts of the spa. Nothing can substitute a brand new filter, and it will feel as if your spa has been completely revived. The water will be cleaner and will flow better overall. Buy a new filter at quickspaparts.com today!