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Hydro-Massage Therapy


Customers will be able to choose the U-Select design and place it in the seat of their choice. Once the order has been received, the U-Select seats are built directly into each seat and are not interchangeable.

Bench Seat

When you need to accommodate a group, the Cal Spas Bench Seat can fit an entire party. Side by side seating allows guests to easily move and enjoy close proximity to one another. The footwell below the Bench Seat is spaciously designed to accommodate the feet of a whole group.

Lounge Seat

The Lounge Seat features spa jets that are specially positioned to target the upper and lower body during soothing hydrotherapy sessions. The ergonomic design ensures that spa users do not float out of the seat from the water pressure. Sit back and relax as the Cal Spas hot tub rejuvenates your body from head to toe.

Kool Seat

The Kool Seat allows your body to acclimate to a new temperature whether you are entering or exiting the spa. This transition seat is elegantly designed in order to keep spa users half-immersed for a proper transition from one temperature to another.

Exclusive Candy Cane™ Jets

Featuring a smooth black and stainless steel Candy Cane patented design. Entertain family and friends in style. Focusing on deep tissue massage, soft tissue massage, and medium tissue massage you are guaranteed to be satisfied

Exclusive Velocity™ Jets

Our different types of jets offer many benefits to your health. The Velocity™ jets are positioned in various configurations to deliver unique hydrotherapy massages that pinpoint specific areas of the body.

Aquatic Air Therapy™ (AAT) Jets


Aquatic Air Therapy™ Jets

Three types of jets are working in conjunction with the massage ring to provide a massage therapy experience for sore muscles and aching joints. The three types of jets are the Flex Jet™, Duo Jet™ and Precision Jet™.

Flex™ Jet The Flex™

Jet delivers a gentle but strong stream of water to more delicate areas of the body such as the wrists, joints, and other sensitive muscles.

Duo™ Jet

Jet is perfect for larger parts of your body including the lower back, legs, and shoulders.

Precision™ Jet

The Precision™ Jet emits the perfect combination of air wand water to target specific problematic areas of the body while a soft massage ring provides relief upon contact.

Aquatic Air Therapy™ (AAT)

Combines air and water streams with jet engine technology to create a powerful soft tissue therapy experience. The combination of the three different flow patterns offers rejuvenating treatment for sore muscles and tired joints.

Adjustable Therapy System™ (ATS)

Our patented ATS Plus seat features a dedicated motor and control panel that allows you to personalize your massage to nine distinctive pressure levels. The jets can be programmed to emit various massage patterns to suite your comfort level. Not only will you enjoy premium personalized hydrotherapy, but you will also experience tremendous cost and energy savings.
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Rest your body against a gentle massage that is meant to relieve deep tissue muscles. You can move your body side to side or up and down to get a full body aquatic massage.
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Ultimate Performance

Plug N Play

This convenient kit reduces installation costs since you can simply plug in your spa and soak – saving you money!

Eliminator™ Power Frame Pump

A 6 horsepower pump, Cal Spas has the most reliable motors in the industry. With less moving parts, these motors feature two independent winding speeds and a reverse-flow cooling system. Built to last a lifetime!

Quiet Clean™ 100% Filtration System

A 24-hour circulation pump constantly and quietly heats the water, continuously filters heated water, and saves energy by minimizing pump operation. Using 2 Horsepower, this pump is guaranteed to have enough power to constantly clean your spa.

Exclusive ATS Dedicated Pump

With a 2 Horsepower pump, our patented ATS seat features a dedicated motor and control panel that allows you to personalize your massage to seven distinctive pressure levels.

Whisper Hot™ Titanium Heater

Cal Spas heater is a 5.5 kW Titanium that is leading edge in the industry. The Whisper Hot Titanium Heater has become the solution to hot tub heater longevity, and has long been the best defense against chemical and mineral abuse.

Cal Spas Oval

Using a LCD screen you get a full color display. Visual feedback including icons that let you know what functions you are using. Our control system displays temperature, time of day, modes, and more general information. With Cal Spas Oval you are getting high-end features with base models.

Cal Spas Auxiliary

This luxury control panel makes it easy for you to control the settings to your jets with out having to move around the spa.

Cal Spas Touch1

A modern intuitive electronic spa control system designed to easily switch between settings. Including in-depth features, vibrant colors, user feedback and response. Set your spa to your liking with an easy-to-read menu that will leave your spa functioning seamlessly.

Cal Spas Touch2

Our control panel is a touch screen to make it easier to control your settings to your spa right at your fingertips.

Exclusive ATS Plus Control

Our patented ATS Plus seat features a dedicated control panel. With the ATS control you are able to enjoy premium personalized hydrotherapy with out moving around to control your settings.

Swim Spas

Swim-Pro Pro-Trainer™

Swimmers have the freedom to customize their swim resistances from 1% to 100% power. Program your own workout with up to 10 different swim resistance and duration settings. In-depth settings allow you to completely control temperature, heat mode, filter cycles, time of day and much more general information.

Hydro-Pro Swim-Mill + Resistance I™

Experience a new level of gentle cardio that will allow you to walk, jog or swim at beginner levels of resistance.

Hydro-Pro Swim-Mill + Resistance II™

Endlessly swim at advanced levels of resistance. When the jet nozzle is directed downward, the swimmer will experience a decreased level of resistance. If the jet nozzle is directed upward, the swimmer’s resistance will dramatically increase.

Hydro-Pro Swim-Mill + Resistance V™

Master the Swim Jet System V with 2 River Jets and 3 Power Stream Jets. Swim endlessly against the current while utilizing various swim techniques. Choose your resistance, boost your adrenaline, and beat the current.

Tornado Jets

Cal Spas powerful Tornado Jets are strategically placed to keep you in the center of the swim spa. Creating a strong current from below that is designed to help you stay afloat while swimming.

Floor Mounted Swim Lane Marker

This visual aid placed at the swim spa floor helps keep swimmers aligned in the center of the swim spa’s water current for maximum swim resistance. Swimmers who remain in the center of the swim spa enjoy the most optimal exercise experience and achieve their fitness results faster.


PureSilk™ Ozonator

Using Ozonators with Mazzie Injectors Mixing Chambers, will kill microorganisms and prevents them from reproducing. No chemicals are added to the water, and won’t interfere with the oxidation process.

Hybrid Sanitizing System: Pure Cure UV + Pure Silk™ Ozone

Reduce Chemicals needed by adding an effective oxidizer. This feature helps the sanitizer destroy harmful microorganisms and it actively kills bacteria.

Synergy or Hybrid Clear Water System Pure Clean™

Reduce Chemicals needed by adding an effective oxidizer. This feature helps the sanitizer destroy harmful microorganisms and it actively kills bacteria.

CalPure™ Salt System

Sodium bromide (NaBr) is an effective bacteria killer that should be part of every hot tub's water clarity regimen. This perpetual sanitation cycle kills bacteria, algae and other pathogenic organisms without ever requiring additional sodium bromide.

Bio-Clean™ Antimicrobial Filter with TeleWeir Gate

A special Filter System bacteria-fighting agent is molded into the fabric of the filter and prevents harmful microbes and bacteria from reproducing.

Efficiency Insulation


Our cabinet walls contain premium insulation that is completely recyclable and produces less waste than traditional urethane foam. Additionally, it does not block passage to the spa.

Thermo-Layer™ Floor Insulation

This pan locks in heat and keeps moisture out.

Thermo-Guard™ Full Foam Insulation

By adding full foam into the spa structure, water is preserved so the heat does not release. This will reduce the time that it takes to heat and maintain water temperature.

Cal Preferred™ Vertical Cabinet Panels

These highly-durable panels mimic the look of natural wood and are standard on all Cal Spas hot tubs in a variety of colors that complement any backyard landscape.

Hydro-Armor™ Spa Covers

Our spa cover is built with a tapered edge and has a downward angle from the center, which prevents precipitation from pooling. Made from 100% marine-grade with a vinyl top, filled and supported by 18-gauge steel C-Channel beams.

Strength Starts Underneath

Fiber Steel Construction

Patented 7-layer laminate system reinforced with steel and wood. This combination creates one of the strongest shells in the world.

Pressure Treated Wood Cabinet Frame

Our cabinet frames are treated to resist rot, corrosion and insects. Constructed using 1" galvanized steel fasteners, corner gussets, and vertical angle bracings for added beam support.

Galvanized Steel Cabinet Frame

Constructed of high grade 316-schedule 40 galvanized steel piping, the frame of a Cal Spas hot tub is non-corrosive, rust-free, and offers a high strength to weight ratio to support the tub while it is filled with water.

Tru Blue™ Vacuum Safety Break

This VGB Approved safety break feature automatically reduces pump suction in the event of an obstruction or intake blockage.

Hydro Steel Foam

This high-density foam is added to support the plumbing underneath so nothing gets out of place.

Life Pleasures

Cascade Waterfall

These dramatic water fixtures create a tropical environment that transports you to the most exotic paradise of your imagination. Waterfalls come in classic cascade or vertical fountain styles and are specific to each series. LED lighting options also enhance the look and feel of any waterfall for a visually beautiful experience.

HydroStreamers Plus™

Enjoy true ambiance in your Cal Spas Swim Spa with our modern and sleek Hydrostreamers Plus. Equipped with a Stainless Steel Rim, LED Raised Slotted Waterfall with an Elongated Stream.

Multi-Color LED Spa Light

Radiate your choice of color through out the spa to enhance your evening spa sessions.

Interior Perimeter LED Lighting

LED multi-colored lighting creates a visual array to impact your spa experience.

LED Jets and Valves

Add LED lighting to your Jets and Valves. Make each and every night a dream come true with this extra enhancement.

Freedom™ Sound System

Includes Bluetooth, Powered Subwoofer and Cube Speakers.Bluetooth technology lets you control your music through your smart device from anywhere inside, or outside your Cal Spas Hot Tub.

Cal Spas Wi-Fi Module

Enjoy the sound of your music in any spa you choose!

C-LITE™ LED Cabinet Corner Lighting

Add an elegant look to any backyard or patio. Powered with energy efficient LED bulbs, the C-LITE™ is a cost-effective way to enhance the look and feel of your hot tub.

Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth™

Fountain of Youth™ is a new patented hydrotherapy that rejuvenates your body and skin making you look younger and feel better. The gentle effervescent sensation and silky feel of the water are signs that your body is benefiting from the super saturated water filled with billions of oxygen rich micro-bubbles.


Everything You Need to Know About Keeping Your Spa Water Fresh

Do you want to protect your investment into your brand new spa? A couple simple steps on a set schedule can keep your investment lasting long, looking good, and keep you feeling relaxed with every use. The Basics (Routine Maintenance) There are a couple simple things to keep an eye on in order to keep your spa optimal for regular use. First off, the most important thing is to use your basic senses. Does your water look clear? Does it smell funny? Does the water feel clean? If you notice anything out of the ordinary about your water, you may need to stay on top of your routine maintenance for your spa. If you notice any leaves or large debris in your water, use a skimmer to scoop up anything you can see. If you notice any smells or scale floating in the water, continue in the article to find out how to remedy these issues. A good thing to regularly check is water chemistry. This is one of the most important things to keep track of when maintaining your spa. A couple test strips or pH test kit are a must have to make sure that your spa water is healthy. The ideal pH balance of your spa should be hovering around the 7.2-7.8 range. Any lower and your water is too acidic. Any higher and your water is too alkaline/basic. It is important to regularly check pH because any imbalance can hinder the sanitizing agents and promote bacterial growth or cause cloudy or scale buildup in the water. The chemicals needed are pretty straightforward. If your water is too acidic, add an alkalinity increasing agent to lower the pH, and if your water is too alkaline/basic add proper acid agents to raise the pH. Quickspaparts.com offers all the chemical test equipment you need! Chlorine Test Strips Bromine Test Strips Filter Cleaning (Once every two weeks) Once your pH balances are in check, but you are still noticing issues with your water flow and filter efficiency, it may be time to take a look at your filter. A good rule of thumb is to remove and clean your filter bi-weekly to ensure minimal blockages and maximize the life of your filter. A simple cleaning can be done with a soft brush and hose to dig out any large particles and clear the filter for better flow. Filter Deep Clean (~3 Months) A deep filter clean is great to pair with a routine water replacement for your spa. Quarterly, you should drain and refill the water in your hot tub. While you do this it is a good idea to do a thorough cleaning of your filter. Instead of just rinsing the filter out with water, we recommend soaking the filter overnight in cleaning agents to maximize filter health. Always be sure to do a final water rinse and dry of the filter before re-installation. Replacement (Annually) With regular spa use, it is recommended to do a full filter replacement annually. After regular cleaning, the filter media beings to break down over time. Annually a full replacement is recommended to ensure a long life for all other parts of the spa. Nothing can substitute a brand new filter, and it will feel as if your spa has been completely revived. The water will be cleaner and will flow better overall. Buy a new filter at quickspaparts.com today!